The Focused Resource For Apartment Investors

TGM is a fully integrated group of companies with a single focus: multifamily communities located within the Continental United States. TGM is responsible for all aspects of acquiring, managing and selling multifamily communities on behalf of our investor clients and ourselves


The TGM Group was organized in 1991 to provide an integrated suite of asset and property management services to its investor clients through a series of fully integrated operating companies which include among others, a SEC-registered investment advisor and a property management service provider.  As a result, TGM provides all of its clients in-house market research, deal sourcing, acquisition due diligence, asset management, property management, centralized purchasing, renovations and rehab, general contracting, and disposition capabilities.  TGM also staffs and directly runs all properties in its clients’ portfolios.

The TGM Group is primarily owned and controlled by its five managing principals.  Each of TGM’s four key operating business areas (acquisitions, operations, investor relations and finance) are managed by one of these managing principals who focus intensely on cooperation between the groups to avoid the “silo effect.”  These managing principals are also responsible for interfacing directly with each of our clients to ensure that TGM is fully in-sync with its clients’ goals and objectives.

Since its inception in 1991, TGM has acquired 138 multifamily communities throughout 28 states with aggregate purchase prices in excess of $3.3 billion.  These investments have covered class A to class C properties in a wide variety of markets ranging from constrained to unconstrained that could be categorized as yielding core+ through opportunistic levels of returns.

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