The Focused Resource For Apartment Investors

TGM is a fully integrated group of companies with a single focus: multifamily communities located within the Continental United States. TGM is responsible for all aspects of acquiring, managing and selling multifamily communities on behalf of our investor clients and ourselves

Investment Approach

TGM believes that its long history of success in the multi-family real estate sector comes from having over three decades of experience acquiring, managing and selling properties at varying points in the financial market cycle. Regardless of market conditions, we continually diversify our portfolio to meet clients’ investment goals. In addition, our strategy includes property management services as an integral part of this unified approach to portfolio management.

Since local economic and population growth fuels demand for apartments, an understanding of local patterns of growth and the national factors impacting them are fundamental to TGM’s investment strategy.

Keeping Up with the Dynamic Market

Our strategy is based on economic factors that create imbalances in supply and demand at different locations, as well as various times, which will continue to create new opportunities to purchase and sell multi-family real estate. A key feature of TGM’s strategy, and one which TGM believes sets it apart from the competition, is that TGM does not follow the herd and intentionally varies its acquisition and sales tactics as market conditions change.

Research and Planning

TGM utilizes its investment experience and market research expertise to track current market conditions and, most importantly, anticipate possible future changes. Additionally, TGM performs comprehensive initial underwriting and analysis on each investment, including the formulation of property-specific business plans and exit strategies.

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